Pennsylvania Professional Employment Network

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PAPEN has three chapters that meet weekly - North, South and Westmoreland - whether or not a speaker is scheduled. Meeting cancellations are posted on this website.. The meetings are interesting, productive and rewarding for all concerned. Attendance ranges from a few people to twenty or more, and visitors are particularly welcome. We invite you to come to a meeting and see for yourself what we do.

The North Chapter meets Monday mornings at 9:30 AM in Room 306 (up one level from main floor; stairs to the right upon entering front entrance) at the Hampton Presbyterian Church, 2942 East Hardies Road, Gibsonia, PA 15044. Click here for directions.

The Executive Board meets at 7:00 PM the second Wednesday of every other month, at the location posted on the Calendar of Events.

Typical Meeting Agenda

Chapter meetings typically include activities such as:

Guest Speaker - who makes a presentation on a career related topic. Recent topics have included Mid-career Retooling, Job Search Organizing, Time Management, and Listening Skills. Our speakers are experts in their fields, and many are widely-recognized lecturers, consultants, and authors. Hearing them provides an education that isn't available anywhere else at any price.

Networking - in a focus group with other PAPEN Participants. This includes practicing the personal presentation known as the "two minute drill"; where Participants describe themselves, their professional accomplishments, and the kind of work they are seeking. The drill is part of your personal advertising campaign, and is a presentation typically made in a networking interview. A good one will succeed in creating specific images in the mind of listeners, which will increase their interest in helping you with your job search. When you practice your drill at a meeting, other Participants can critique it and offer constructive advice.

Review of Job Leads - received recently from local employers or recruiters. There is also time for discussing information in the PAPEN bulletins. Each bulletin is loaded with excellent information such as networking tips, job search tips, upcoming chapter schedules, Participant success stories and contacts within the organization as well as in related organizations.