Pennsylvania Professional Employment Network

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PAPEN's annual picnic is being held again this year.

Date & Time: Saturday, September 17, 2016 from 12:00 Noon-to-5:00 PM

Place: Schenley Park in Oakland at the Anderson Pavilion.

The event is free to all current PAPEN attendees and their families as well as to all PAPEN alumni. It's a great way to connect with others going through a job search, trying to reboot their career, or who are just tired of doing the same old thing every day and looking for something new and stimulating. We are expecting a nice sunny day, no rain in the forecast. There is a children's playground next to picnic area so bring the whole family and enjoy the day with us.

Let us know if you might be attending.

PAPEN (Pennsylvania Professional Employment Network) is a Pittsburgh-based networking organization that helps Participants advance their careers. Our Mission is to:

  • Fostering networks of personal contacts and relationships.
  • Providing an environment where Participants can develop and perfect their networking skills.
  • Sharing career-related experiences, strategies and knowledge.
  • Uncovering career opportunities that may be of interest to other Participants.

We are an informal nonprofit organization that only exists to benefit its Participants and the community. Our funding comes from donations.

We started in 1992 as a networking group for unemployed white collar workers, but today our focus is on career advancement for everyone, whether unemployed, underemployed, or employed and moving ahead. Today, most new Participants come into PAPEN when they are unemployed, or when that possibility is on their horizon. When they find a new or better job, many of them stay involved for the benefit it brings to their careers.

Most of our Participants work in professional, managerial, or technical fields, but no one is turned away. Most of our Participants have ten or more years of experience, but some are students or recent graduates. All of our Participants either live in the Pittsburgh area or are interested in moving here, and all of our Participants believe in the power of networking.


If you are (or want to be) a professional person living in Western Pennsylvania, you can benefit greatly by joining PAPEN. A donation of only $10 is recommended, and you can sign up at any meeting. If you don't presently live in the area, you can join by mail. The benefits start immediately, and by attending meetings regularly, you will make dozens of valuable contacts. One of them might lead to your next move forward.

To join, just fill out a Participant Contact Application. You can also download an application as an Excel file.

Also visit our PAPEN South Website.

PAPEN has IRS 501c3 status therefore your donation may be tax deductible.